Recommended Reading

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Here are a few books I would recommend:

  • The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People – This is the best book I have found on personal excellence. Read this book to learn how to go from being dependent to being interdependent.

  • Mathematical Mindsets – This was the first book I read after I decided I needed to improve my teaching. It was a revelation.

  • Principles to Actions – The core book on math teaching fundamentals. This is a must read for anyone who teaches math in any form.

  • Mindset– The classic book on growth versus fixed mindsets. Carol Dweck started a revolution in 2007 with this book.

Here’s Looking at Euclid – This is a fun book which helps us celebrate the beauty of mathematics. Use it to stoke your passion.

The Archimedes Codex – Another fun and informative book. However, this one is all serious. In 1998, a previously lost work by Archimedes was discovered underneath a middle age palimpsest. The two authors alternate chapters. One author tells the history of Archimedes and the significance of the discoveries. Including a beautiful indirect proof using the method of exhaustion and the revelation that Archimedes understood the concept of infinity. The other author tells the modern story of the book itself and how the Archimedes work was raised using modern Forensic technics. A fascinating tale within a tale.  This book excited me to teach math in my classroom.

Building Thinking Classrooms – This book by Peter Liljedahl is the result of many years of research attempting to reveal the best classroom methods to get kids thinking more. I have included many of the concepts in this book in my math model.

Productive Math Struggle – This book by SanGiovanni, Susie Matt and Kevin Dykema (NCTM President) shows how to create an environment for Productive Struggle in a 6-point action plan.  I use this book in my half day class on productive struggle.