Math Methods and Manipulatives

Participants will learn how to use various teaching methods and math manipulatives and hands-on tools that are most effective for various math standards. The standards covered will depend on the grade levels for the class. There are three levels for this class or a custom course can be designed.

K – 5 classrooms routinely use manipulatives. A K-5 manipulatives class will show the most effective methods and manipulatives for specific Big Ideas and standards such as: Fractions, Decimals, Counting, and Operations.

Middle School Classrooms do not use manipulatives as often, but they should. This course will show how to use various modeling and hands on methods and manipulatives for such topics as: Fractions, Decimals, Integers, Order of Operations and Algebra.

High School classrooms often avoid using hands on activities and manipulatives. This is a missed opportunity. This course will show how to use modeling methods and common manipulatives to teach Math Courses through Statistics and Calculus.

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