Growth Mindset Class

Objective: Your Mindset is not Growth or Fixed. It is a spectrum between the two. This class will begin as an in person workshop that will lay the foundation for your journey towards the growth end of that spectrum followed by one year of support on the journey climaxing at a final meeting to reflect and share.

Every student will receive a copy of “The Growth Mindset Coach”.

One Day – In Person

  1. Defining Growth and Fixed Mindsets
  2. The Truth revealed in Brain Science
  3. Recognizing and developing Growth Mindsets in Your Students
  4. Recognizing and developing Growth Mindsets in Yourself
  5. The Beginning of your Growth Mindset Journey

One Year of messages and reflections

  1. Monthly themes of The Growth Mindset Coach
  2. Weekly messages followed by Reflections and Conversation.

Final closure meeting online after the year is over.

At this meeting, participants will share their thoughts and experiences from the year of learning about Growth Mindset. The purpose of this meeting will be to reflect and reenergize ourselves on the journey towards a Growth Mindset for ourselves and our students.

If you are Interested or have Questions, please fill out this form and I will contact you.