Blending SEL into your math lessons

This PD class, will improve performance, build positive Math Dispositions and encourage engagement and motivation (and increase math teacher retention)

Social, Emotional and Acdademic Learning (SEAD) can be integrated in your math curriculum.  Attending so SEL and Standard math practices simultaneously with your classroom lessons and activities can build strong math skills while, at the same time, attending to SEL to build positive math dispositions.

The idea is that the five SEL competencies have overlaps with the eight standard math practices (SMPs).  Lessons can be designed to be intentional about our or more of the SEL competencies and one or more of math practices simultaneously to improve both SEL and SMP for math students.  Perfect for increasing growth mindsets in middle school. 

This is a one-day class that will demonstrate how to take math activities and attend to the SEL competencies within the activity.