Classroom Visits

Discounts available for Indiana Schools

My ultimate goal of my freelance training and consulting career is to reach out to as many teachers as possible to bring them the best practices of math teaching.

If I have free time in my schedule, I would much rather spend that time in classrooms than at home. As my Professional Development schedule allows, I will offer classroom visits to schools in Indiana at a discounted rate. Please respond as soon as you can so we can get a visit scheduled.

A Typical Classroom Visit

  1. Contact the teacher to determine what math concept is being explored and discuss logistics such as class size and technology.
  2. I choose or write a modeling activity. This usually involves 2 foot by 3 foot white boards.
  3. I run the activity with the teacher and the students to show the power of modeling activities in the classroom.
  4. As time permits, we may discuss some of the finer points of modeling activities, growth mindsets and the eight effective practices of math teaching.

In one day, I could run activities in three or four classrooms. The middle grades (3rd to 6th) are ideal, but I have visited classrooms from 1st grade to seniors in high school. It is always a productive and enjoyable experience.

After my classroom visit, teachers will be able to find additional activities on this website.

If you are Interested or have Questions, please fill out this form and I will contact you.