Texas Instruments Instructor Training

One of the most important parts of my role as a math education consultant and trainer is to always improve my knowledge and skills for my clients.

This week I spent three days in Dallas, Texas attending my first training to become a certified TI instructor. My class included 20 very talented educators. We learned how to use the TI-nSpire CX II handheld calculators to run STEM activities in class rooms.

The class will continue online every other week through February.

I have been using the TI84 for nearly twenty years in Math and science classes. Before I was a teacher, I was an IT specialist, system administrator and Cisco router engineer and I remember when computers were first becoming popular in schools. As an IT professional, was able to recognize when computers were not being used in an effective way. Many schools had a computer lab where they would bring students and let them surf the internet for an hour and call it effective instruction. We know that the goal is to have the students explore and struggle with concepts until they understand it deeply. Surfing the Internet often is not effective.

With this in mind, I worked with my instructors to explore the TI-nSpire as a classroom tool. I looked for connections to the eight effective math practices and found they had thought this through. The improved efficiency and detail on the TI-nSpire streamlined the operations without taking away from the concept lessons. They even covered the math and science practices with us.

Well Done TI!

If you are interested in attending a future class, here is a link to the application.


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