This website will go live on May Ninth.. If you are here early, that’s ok. You will likely see it changing daily. If you have suggestions, please let me know. If you are interested in Math Professional Development, click on the button and fill out the form. I will contact you.

As this site evolves it will hold content and resources for teachers, administrators and home school parents. For example: In the next month, you will see a section with white board modeling activities. You will also see early first blog entries.

I am currently filling my calendar for the summer and fall of 2022.

I am going to keep typing as I learn to build this site.

  • It occurs to me that younger students seem inclined to want to please their teachers. Middle School students resist adults and are inclined to want to please their friends. Perhaps we need to take advantage of the younger years to prepare them for the middle school years. We should view it as a journey for which they need to equipped. A crossing of a mountain range. When they get across, they will be able to travel more easily, but we need to give them the skills to get across. I will do research on the age levels and try to determine what skills we need to give them before middle school.
  • Are there different levels of infinity? In my mind, infinity is a concept, not a location on the number line. So why do we say that 3 times infinity over 2 times infinity equals 3/2? Well, we don’t really. Infinities don’t cancel out. What it really means is that 3 times a number over 2 times a different number will converge on 3/2 when the numbers get so large that the difference doesn’t really matter anymore. But what about the proof that .999999… = 1.000? The greeks called this the method of exhaustion. In my mind again, it isn’t really equal, but it gets so close that eventually you get exhausted and give in. If you argue this with me, I will get exhausted very quickly and give in.

John Riley


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